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My photography is best suited for those with a wild spirit, and an energetic nature. For Those who feel the moss under their bare feet, and let the wind whip their hair. Or those who just like my style. I strive for the candid moments, but everyone loves a good portrait too! If there is anything you have pictured in your mind, I will be there to help with that too. I love documenting, and capturing couple's stories with all the little details, for they are what makes the best stories. My photography is something to give everyone to look back on and smile about.

(pronounced Crystal, I know, parents.) I'm an elopement photographer based out of Northeast, New England area. Leicester, MA to be exact, but I travel all over the US! I'm here to create awesome adventures with awesome people. Capture raw emotions. Talk about favorite memories. Talk about how you two met. Get lost in nature. Tell bad jokes. Laugh our butts off. Possibly bring up semi truck driving. Or my dogs. Talk about your pets; convince you that you don't have enough pets. I'm here to become your new friend, and capture all your magic!

When I'm not taking photographs, I'm driving around a huge semitruck, sewing dresses, walking in the woods, watching horror tv shows, walking around new towns, taking videos, editing videos, or poking my amazing husband's buttons. We're newly wed, but I've been poking his buttons for over 7 years!

Hi. I'm Krystalle.





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Harry Potter

So many couples are bullied into inviting so-and-so. So many couples are pressured to have a huge wedding. Who's wedding is it anyways? Why not get married in a gorgeous Edwardian house instead? Or head over to Iceland for a change of scenery? Do what YOU want. Do what feels right to YOU.

Fine art + your dream day

When I was little, my mom would tell me all these stories of fairies, and gnomes from her home country. You know the light that shines through the window during the early mornings, and you can see the specks of dust slowly drifting through the air? My mom used to tell me that they were little fairies flying around. It felt magical. 

That's how I want my photography to make you feel. Like my photographs are telling you a story or magic.

I understand the feeling of needing to please everyone. You place everyone before you. And while thinking of others is a great practice, I'm here to tell you that when it comes to your wedding day, you don't need to have a huge wedding to make sure other people are happy. It's okay to elope. It's okay to have an intimate wedding. It's okay to have one huge adventure for your wedding.

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