Acadia is one of my favorite places for elopements in New England, and I thought I'd share some information on the place

There is nothing quite like an elopement in Acadia National Park. It’s just a beautiful magical place. Pine trees bordering rugged cliffs, clashing waves, mountains, misty sky vibes, Maine is a beautiful state, and Acadia National Park, the only National Park in New England, has everything you could ask for to create a memorable elopement, and that’s why Acadia National Park has become one of my favorite locations for elopements. 

Photography art is my passion. True love changes people; and so I hope my photography tells a story that people want to live in. I want my photography to tell your story; your love letter.

Elopements & weddings are beautiful and there is nothing more fulfilling than documenting the story of two souls in love. Acadia, Maine is my #1 recommended location to elope to in New England.


Cinematic Storytelling

Acadia Maine National Park Elopement

You are everything I imagined Love would be

Acadia Elopement Photographer

I wrote a blog  talking all about the legalities of how to elope in Acadia National Park. You can read it here!

Important Links:

Otter Cliff - 20
Cadillac Mountain - 20 (cannot have ceremonies during sunrise or sunset)
Blue Hill Overlook - 20
Little Hunters Beach - 20
Schoodic Point - 25
Sand Beach - 30
Ocean Drive - 30
Otter Point - 30
Fabbri Picnic Area - 30

The wonders of Acadia

Top spots to elope in Acadia and the number of guests allowed at your ceremony

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Places to Stay:



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