“Cinematic photography is a style of photography that emulates stills or frames from movie scenes. It is a highly effective storytelling technique that can create images with depth and feeling.”

My 'Fine-Art' style work is a mix of what photographers call ‘Dark & Moody’ and Cinematography.

Cinematic Storytelling

You are everything I imagined Love would be

I consider my photography to be a mix of a Fine Art & Photojournalism. But what does Fine Art mean? Fine Art can be a broad term, and can differ from person to person. I find that surreal, very romantic photographs make for a good 'fine-art' piece. A visually appealing story for clients to cherish forever. This means I may carefully choose locations, lighting, composition, and styling in an effort to create an artistic story of your session. BUT! This does not mean I'm don't focus on taking fun true candid photos. I'd say I focus on 'Fine-Art' shots 30% of the time, and raw candid 70% of the time.

fine art
/ˌfīn ˈärt/

creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.
"the convergence of popular culture and fine art"




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My photography is not rushed. To capture the intimate moments, they must be true. For some of the ‘Fine Art’ poses I create, takes a second for me to visualize the emotion, and everything else are raw unscripted moments. My photographs often look like film, old school. I have a neat little trick that lets me go between a film look, and a natural look quickly, so you'll often get two photos of the same shot, but one looking film, and one looking normal.

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Looking for an artistic perspective of your photo session?

Every session is different, but I always focus on comfortability! I want to make sure little ones, parents, or couples are all comfortable and having a fun time. This means not rushing. For outdoor session, I almost always work around sunset,  foggy, or cloudy days. We can do sessions at your home, or outside.  Sometimes I'll set up mini sessions in studios. 
Aside from raw emotions, real smiles, and true moments, I think outfits play a big part  in a great photo. I will provide an outfit guide, and I even have a client wardrobe!
Instead of stiff poses, I give prompts.

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