Envision Your Dream Session

There are all kinds of different photography sessions, but which kind do you want to go for? Pinterest is a great place to start. First, is this a family session, a maternity session, engagement, or maybe just photos of you!

Outfit ideas for photoshoots

Here are some ideas to type into the Pinterest search:
Gothic Family Photoshoot
Chic or Boho Family Photoshoot
Magical Family Photoshoot
Moody Woodland Family Photoshoot
Surfer Couple Aesthetic
Portland Forest Family
Jeans Maternity Shoot
Artistic Maternity Shoot
Moody Maternity Shoot
Moody Newborn Photoshoot
Greenhouse Engagement

If you want to get real creative, search for these terms on pinterest:
Medieval photoshoot
Fantasy Family Photoshoot

Magical Newborn Photoshoot

There are so much more you can type into Pinterest! Now you might be overwhelmed by ideas! But my best suggestion is to go with what feels most like you, or what captures your soul!
Think, do you want super long flowy dresses, or jeans, and a comfy sweater? Barefoot, or hiking boots. You can even do photo sessions totally nude!

Not sure what your man should wear? I’ve got a blog all about that right here!
Remember to fit the theme! If you’re wearing a long flowy dress, your partner should wear something complementing to your outfit. Maybe a dress shirt.
One thing I normally say though is, unless it’s a surfer/skateboarder vibe, flat billed/baseball hats can totally throw off the feel and look of your photo session. Same with t-shirts or pants that are too baggy. Same with shirts with graphics, large logos, or have funny sayings.
Hat suggestions: Cowboy hats, beanies for fall/winter shoots, tweed news boy/baker boy cap. (Be careful however, news boys and baker boy caps are two different things. One looks more like a golfer’s cap)

Still not sure what kind of feel you want? Let’s chat! We’ll brainstorm together!

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